The Making Of A Styled Shoot Part 3

May 9, 2019

The Big Day

We all got special permission to be at our co-op early, and we couldn’t wait to get started.  At 10 am we arrived excitedly to the studio where the wonderful hair and makeup team had already started on the models. Jen Oshimo and Jaime Morrison were so awesome to work with.  We discussed the look that we had previously decided upon, which was very simple and elegant. It was really fascinating to watch the whole process of the makeup and hair especially since the team was very talented and experienced at what they do.  Our models were ready with outfits from Unveiled Bridal Boutique and Mister J’s Men’s Fashion, and we learned how to steam and press the fabrics being used for the perfect look. So many people were in and out of the studio, the excited energy was everywhere.  Natalia from Velvet Rope Florals dropped off bouquets and decor, and Melissa from Little Dulcina’s delivered some sweet treats. Next came an incredible charcuterie board from Pinetree Catering, and handmade pies from Pie-o-logy. When we were all ready to go, we filled two mini-vans with flowers, food, decor and somehow fit ourselves in too, and headed to Windy Lane Farm.


When we arrived, and with some help from friends and the owners of the farm, we set everything up. We didn’t arrive till 1pm so we only had a few hours of daylight to get all the shots we needed. It was somewhat of a stressful process because everything needed to be put in place before the helicopters’ arrival at 4pm. To add onto that stress, the helicopter had to leave by 6pm due to daylight restrictions. Overall, we only had 3 hours to capture all of the ground photos, and 2 hours for helicopter photos. The importance of planning and timelines really started to sink in.


First, we started with the food photos. They were primarily taken inside the barn and had to be taken first so the food looked its best.  Thankfully, it was November so we didn't have trouble with bugs, but our fingers were moving slowly in the cold.  The owners were kind enough to set-up propane heaters for us, and things moved much better after that. Next, we set up the sweetheart table and guest table.  We realized early on that because it was not an actual wedding, we only had to set up one of each table. The tables were created with design more than for function, a concept we started to realize was very popular on Pinterest.  Halfway through the styled shoot we got the exciting news from Laura & Shalini that we were going to get a ride in the helicopter! As you can probably imagine, we were thrilled (!), and don't worry, they planned ahead and got consent from our parents, teacher, principal and of course, the pilots. After the news, we finished off some beautiful shots outside of the barn showcasing the exterior.  The helicopter from NorthWest Heli-Tours arrived right as we finished setting up the ceremony in the field. We all got a briefing on helicopter safety and procedures from Liam and Chrissy so that we could not only have fun but be safe. Laura took photos of the bride and groom models pretending to get in and out of the helicopter, and then we got to go up! We can’t even put into words the extent of that experience.  It seemed like a mere dream that with our co-op placement we got the privilege to ride in a helicopter, and we thank Laura and Shalini for giving us that chance. Unfortunately (but hilariously), immediately after we took off, the entire arch we had set up for the ceremony was blown down by the force of the helicopter propellers. All we could see from the helicopter was the entire team rushing like a small group of ants to try and fix it so that we could get some good photos. 


Even with the complications, we ended up getting the shots we needed and had a great experience! After we landed, all the photos we had planned for the day were taken and all that was left was the clean up. While we cleaned, we all gathered around the huge barn heaters eating all the leftover food, including some pizzas brought over from our friends Jim & Max at Eat Local Pizza,  and we got to take some home. The heaters definitely saved us from some numb fingers as the day was very cold. It was truly a perfect end to a perfect day and we are all so happy and proud to see all of our ideas come to life. 


This all came together Thanks to:


  • Jen Oshimo

  • Jaime Morrison

  • Unveiled Bridal Boutique

  • Mister J’s Men’s Fashion

  • Natalia from Velvet Rope Florals

  • Melissa from Little Dulcina’s

  • Pinetree Catering

  • Pie.o.logy

  • Windy Lane Farm

  • NorthWest Heli-Tours,  Liam and Chrissy

  • Jim and Max at Eat Local Pizza








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