3 Reasons You Should Have A Wedding Video

Quality video that tells your story doesn’t go out of style. What better story to tell than that of yourself and your life partner? A wedding video is a great record of yourselves and close family and friends on the happiest day of your lives. A video captures what photos won’t, and the best part is you get to relive and remember those special moments for decades to come.


Some couples that we work with know from the day they get engaged (or even before then) that they want a wedding video. Others are hesitant about spending the money. We get it. It’s a significant expense on top of an already expensive event.  But we love weddings, and we believe a wedding video is well worth the investment for three hugely important reasons.


The first reason is the memories. We know, that’s an obvious one, but it must be said. The truth is, you won’t remember very much about your wedding. The whole day goes by so fast that many details are forgotten. What you have meticulously been planning for months flies by in what feels like a matter of seconds and it’s nice to be able to look back and relive the things you missed while you were in that blissful daze.


Sure, you’ll have your photos, but there’s an added dimension that comes with moving picture and sound. You’re able to watch the way you moved in your dress, hear yourself say your vows, and see the look on each other’s faces as you said them. We believe sound is just as important as video, so we use top quality microphones to capture the words that were said and the voices that spoke them. A wedding video lets you relive that snapshot in time.


Reason number 2 to get a wedding video is it lets you watch what you didn’t get to see. Filming a wedding video starts early in the day while the wedding party gets ready for the walk down the aisle.  For many couples, the bride and groom preparation footage is the most fun to watch. Other details you would have missed, like the way everyone looked when they waited for you in the ceremony room before you got there, and your parent’s reaction to the hilarious best man’s speech – are documented forever with the luxury of a wedding video.


The third main reason you will want a wedding video is legacy. This reason doesn’t usually occur to people when they’re planning a wedding. Mortality is something people in their twenties and thirties don't think about, but you won’t be around forever, and a wedding video is a treasure that can be enjoyed for generations. Sharing your story with your children and grandchildren and showing them the way you were on your wedding day is an incredible gift.


The storytelling aspect of wedding videos has been enhanced with the new trend of engagement videos. Technology has advanced enough that tiny microphones can be hidden (the videographer is not so easy to hide but we do it) and capturing the moment someone proposes to their unsuspecting partner can be done with the ‘proposee’ not knowing a thing. It is a wonderful story to share with guests on the day of the wedding, and a beautiful extension to the wedding video itself.


We’ve caught up with clients a few years after they’ve gotten married and the verdict is always the same: ‘We are so glad we have a video of our wedding’. Sometimes, they have children of their own by then, family members may have passed, and for whatever other reasons, their lives are different. The people who have a wedding video really appreciate owning that kind of documentation of themselves and their loved ones.





















After the wedding, the only thing you take with you is the dress, your photo images, and wedding video. Capture it well - it’s a day worth remembering!


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