5 Things Your Wedding Guests Are Dying to Tell You But Probably Won't

Okay, yes. Weddings are supposed to be about the bride and groom and we’re all just supposed to sit there and pretend like we’re having fun no matter what. Right? Wrong! There are tons of “wedding day don’ts” to keep in mind for the sake of your poor guests! It may sound harsh (I know, I know… it’s YOUR special day), but try to remember: your guests are showering you with wedding gifts and taking time out of their days to celebrate your love. Give them a night they won’t forget by avoiding these common wedding day no-nos.


1. The Never-Ending Time Gap

These are the actual worst. I’m referring to the boring long hour time gap in between the ceremony and reception, where your guests have no idea how to kill time. Do they drive home to take a nap? Do they awkwardly wait outside of the venue playing Angry Birds until it’s time for the cocktail hour? Do your guests a favour and kill the time-gap! While you’re off taking memorable wedding day photos with your family, treat them to hors d’oeuvres, a build-your-own taco bar, and some funky drinks at the venue. It’s not like you have to be there for them to have fun! It’s kind of all about you, but honestly, your guests are just there to have a good time.


2. Junky Party Favours

Just… no. Read carefully: No one wants to take home an ugly paperweight, shot glasses with your names on them, (and try not to take this last one too personally), a “beautiful” picture of the bride and groom. Would you want to put up a framed picture of your kind-of-sort-of good friends somewhere in your living room? No? I didn’t think so. There are tons of creative ideas out there for party favours your guests will actually like. Find out what they are and dish them out!  


3. Long Awkward Speeches

When thinking about how to plan a wedding, please do your guests, your bridal party, the venue staff, your photographer, your wedding planner, and whoever else is in attendance at your wedding a favour and forget about the never-ending speeches. These are so boring. If you absolutely have to have everyone in your bridal party make a speech, at least give your guests something to do while they listen to the endless chatter. Table games and a photo booth are good places to start. And, if you can’t do that, at least let them eat while the speeches are going on.


4. A Lame DJ

Good wedding vendors are hard to find, especially where DJs are concerned. No one wants to get up and dance to We Are Family, YMCA, or the Chicken Dance. Do your research before hiring a DJ to avoid people complaining for months (or worse, years) about how YOUR reception had the worst wedding music they’ve ever heard. Also, make sure the DJ you hire takes requests. People love dancing to their jam after they’ve drunkenly demanded it to the DJ.


5. Forgetting About Food

I touched on this in #3, but I’ve been to weddings where it took forever for my table to get called because the speeches were way too long. By the time dinner was served, the food was cold. Please, please, please, don’t let this happen on your wedding day. Wedding traditions like fun-loving speeches and scandalous games for the bride & groom are all fun and dandy, but if you save the food for last, you’re definitely going to have grumpy guests who just want to go home.


Bluntness aside, the most important part of your wedding day is whether or not you and your partner are happy with what you’ve chosen to do with it. If you’re unsure of how to make it a fun day for everyone, take a look at some real weddings for inspiration. “Borrowing” ideas never hurt anyone and is always a great place to start.


Happy planning!


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