Quality video that tells your story doesn’t go out of style. What better story to tell than that of yourself and your life partner? A wedding video is a great record of yourselves and close family and friends on the happiest day of your lives. A video captures what photos won’t, and the best part is you get to relive and remember those special moments for decades to come.

Some couples that we work with know from the day they get engaged (or even be...

It’s not often we get to shoot a winter wedding.  While some opt to a destination wedding to avoid winter, Aneta told us of her dream to be outdoors on a sunny day.  She got her wish.  At -20C it was spectacular.

Yes, we all froze; but no one complained (much).  We certainly loved to capture the other season that doesn't get much praise during wedding season. Even with the bone chilling cold of February Aneta & Kylie d...

I could easily call Joey and Raymond's special day the wedding of the year and it’s only February. 

J & R threw a colossal party, honestly making guests feel just as special as them.  It was a true celebration of the love between the two of them and the love that surrounds them.

I enjoyed meeting the grooms and their mothers in the planning stages – don't be afraid of bringing whoever you want to your wedding photography consultations...

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