Your Guide to Navigating the Thunder Bay Wedding Show

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Identify Your Objectives

Are you looking for inspiration? Need a specific vendor?  Knowing what you want to take out of the show will help you stay focused and avoid getting overwhelmed. 

Allow Yourself to Window Shop

Remember to keep an open mind.  Does a certain aesthetic appeal to you? Vintage, Glam, Rustic?  Have fun browsing the booths that catch...

Quality video that tells your story doesn’t go out of style. What better story to tell than that of yourself and your life partner? A wedding video is a great record of yourselves and close family and friends on the happiest day of your lives. A video captures what photos won’t, and the best part is you get to relive and remember those special moments for decades to come.

Some couples that we work with know from the day they get engaged (or even be...

Many wedding traditions are being modernized by some of today’s more progressive couples. Details that were at one time absolute must-haves – a church, an all-white dress – are now up for interpretation and it is not uncommon, rather, it is the norm for modern brides and grooms to put their own spin on long-held customs or forego them all together.

The latest thing being re-considered is the use of a DJ, as some couples are now choosing to opt out...

Okay, yes. Weddings are supposed to be about the bride and groom and we’re all just supposed to sit there and pretend like we’re having fun no matter what. Right? Wrong! There are tons of “wedding day don’ts” to keep in mind for the sake of your poor guests! It may sound harsh (I know, I know… it’s YOUR special day), but try to remember: your guests are showering you with wedding gifts and taking time out of their days to celebrate your love. Give...

There are so many options for nails for your wedding day. Do you want all the attention on your ring? Nails? Hair? Makeup? Dress? Or the whole package?

Past Trends

Sparkle, high gloss french square tips were all the rage and still are popular because it is a steady goal for nails but it almost expected at this point.

Let’s go through what has been coming through my spa lately…

These were my wedding nails: my wedding was vintage pirate themed so pearls...

No other celebrity group has influenced the wedding industry like the Royal British Family.  The speed and style shift that the royal family has over the wedding fashion industry is like no other.  The industry first saw a major shift in wedding wear when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert February 10th, 1840. This wedding ushered in the first of the “white wedding dresses”. 

Before this trend, women traditionally wore their Sunday best...

New Year, new 2017 wedding trends! Last year brought some gorgeous design & décor ideas, but experts have already released what they predict is going to be hotter than ever this year! If you need inspiration for your special day, here’s what to look out for during the planning process.

Copper Décor

The 2016 wedding season had many couples requesting rose-gold and copper metallic shades for their wedding stationary (ie: invitations & save the dates)...

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