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Wedding Dances by Heather Syvitski

Dance Teacher

Heather has had the opportunity to choreograph First Wedding Dances for a while now and each couple is very different and diverse in their vision, abilities and song choices.

One of the most difficult and important decisions the couple has to make is about their First Dance song choice. 

How do you know if you want a special choreographed dance at your wedding?  Do you have to be a good dancer?  What is involved with creating a special first dance?  These are many questions she knows that couples have.  Based on her experience and how she likes to work with people, Heather would like to share her "recipe" for creating a great first dance routine for your wedding.

First, how do you know you event want a special choreographed dance at your wedding?
Close your eyes and picture in your mind the vision you have on your wedding day.  You likely already have the colours chosen, the location, decorations or theme and maybe even your wedding dress.  Can you envision you dancing with your new spouse in front of your loving family and friends?  What does it look like?  Do you look like you're standing in one spot, hugging each other (grade 8 style) moving slowly in a circle?  Do you look like your parents or grandparents when they dance?  Do you look like that dreamy couple in that chick flick you love to watch or can you see the two of you on Dancing with the Stars???  This is an important clue as to what you want to do for a first dance.  When you think of other weddings you have attended, what do you think of the first dances you've seen?  Are they sweet?  Are they boring?  Are they interesting and intriguing?  Did the couple surprise you?

Do you have to be a good dancer?
NO!  Absolutely not.  No one needs to be a "good dancer" to dance a nice, prepared dance for their wedding.  All you need is the will to try some new things, a bit of confidence in your ability, determination to practice and the support of your partner.  Heather creates a customized dance that will suit both the music, your theme and BOTH of the couples' abilities.  You are not learning a full ballroom technique dance, you will not be asked to do moves that you don't feel comfortable with and you will not be forced to learn a dance that you will not look good doing. Heather works with each couple carefully to create something that you will enjoy doing, feel comfortable with and be proud to perform in front of your family and friends.

What is involved with creating a special first dance?
Heather likes to meet with both the bride and groom in person to get a feel of both personalities.  See how they interact with each other and how they feel about the first dance song they have chosen together.  Once she gets to know their story, she likes to learn a bit more about their overall wedding vision and how the dance fits in.  Heather then has the couple do a few dance moves together to test their abilities.  Heather does an overall assessment before developing any choreography and she always has a plan A & B once you all test out the initial choreography at the first lesson.  Heather will continue to ask questions and ensure the couple is comfortable and happy with how everything feels.  If you don't feel good, you won't look good.  Heather can tell you that it's not always an easy process but it does get better with more practice and confidence.

This is a quick review of how Heather likes to create a unique first wedding dance with the couples she works with.  She feels it is important that you spend time getting to know each other and work TOGETHER to make your Wedding Dance Vision come true.


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